One of the biggest challenges of responsive design is maintaining functionality between desktop and handheld devices. Without the cursor, how could you possibly achieve that? The simple answer is; you can't. The cursor is the heart and soul of the browsing experience and touch devices took that away from us. Until now.

smartcursor™ has significantly improved my mobile browsing experience. I couldn't be happier!” — Paul Phoenix


Developer Friendly

Have you ever spent hours on your hover styles only to have to hide them at a certain breakpoint just because your testers say they have to "click links twice" on touch devices? Not anymore! With smartcursor™, the hover styles are not triggered on first touch, but when the cursor is hovering — the way it was always supposed to be.

Environment Aware

When you include smartcursor™ in your project you don't have to worry about conditional logic. It will automatically detect if it is being run on an inferior touch device and enhance it with a beautiful and handy cursor. If it's not, smartcursor™ will do nothing — you already have everything you need for an optimal browsing experience.

Embrace the Circumstances

What's the point of having gyro support in your phone if it's not being put to use when browsing? Stubbornly trying to take all the diverse forms of interaction you've grown to love about your desktop browsing and cramming them into touch events is both unintuitive and wasteful. smartcursor™ puts your phone's functionality to full use!

“Experts have called smartcursor™ ‘revolutionary’. It really isn't — it's what mobile browsing should've been all along.”

— Nina Williams

Sounds too good to be true? It's not!
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